Chapter 4 Lesson 1: How Do We Learn to Live Together?

“Have you got it? You got it, right? And now I want you to act on it. And tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends, and tell their friends to tell their friends. That way we can all live together like a nice big happy family!” —Waawaate Fobister, Agokwe (p. 157)
Students will share assignments with each other, then share assignments with grade 9/10 classes, elders, and community members.
How do we make intercultural connections? How does this link to everyone?

Learning Goals:
• Students share their wonderwork with Grade 9 or 10 students
• Students share their wonderwork with a few elders and community members




Students meet with a Grade 9 or 10 class to share their wonderworks. The teacher may invite elders to listen to the presentations. They will begin with a few icebreakers:
If an elder is present they may want to begin with a welcome ceremony


Students share their wonderworks with the Grade 9 or 10 students. Afterward, they have the students complete a peer evaluation on each wonderwork:
Sample peer evaluation:
1. What about the story was interesting?
2. Would you recommend this story to others? Why or why not?
3. What could be improved upon for the next time it is presented?


Students return to their classes to debrief:
1. How did it feel to present your work to others?
2. What is something you did well?
3. What is something you could improve on for the next presentation?