Lesson 5: Canada, 1982-Present

Learning Goal: Analyse how various significant individuals, groups, organizations, and events, both national and international, have contributed to the development of identities, citizenship, and heritage in Canada from 1982 to the present.




Each student will select one person from the Archive during the time period 1982-present.


Based on the Archive selection students will answer the following questions:
1. Why did you select this writer?
2. What impact have changing demographics had on different groups in Canada since 1982?
3. What impact has regionalism had on Canada and on identities in Canada?
4. Which individuals or groups made the greatest contribution to heritage in Canada during this period? How can we measure that contribution?
5. What impact has delving into the Black Prairie Archives had on you?
6. What is your own history and what might your archive look like?


Students will use the answers from this section as well as from sections 1-4 to begin to formulate a plan for their culminating activity.