Chapter 5 Lesson 3

Learning Goals:
• To understand how stories and language can create connections
• To make two or three connections between a story in Chapter 5 and their own story



Assessment Focus


Review the journal entry done at the beginning of the unit. Review “Language and Literature from a Pueblo Indian Perspective” from Chapter 5 Ask the questions:
a) How does your story and this story in the chapter relate?
b) How are they interconnected?
c) How is your story and the stories of your peers interconnected?
d) What are the common themes?

Demonstrate an understanding of relationships in Indigenous text (Relationships–NBE3U)


Students will use journal notes from the beginning of this unit along with their “Where I’m From” poem to create their own story.
Students will consider mood, characters, elements of a story, etc.

Ability to use the stories and learnings to create new writing (Writing–NBE3U)
Ability to revise drafts to strengthen content and improve organization by adding details, deleting irrelevant information, reordering ideas (Writing–NBE3U)


Students will then create a story arc based on their story.





Teacher Reflection

Teacher can begin writing their own story.