Chapter 6 Lesson 4

Learning Goals:
• To develop an understanding of character transformation and how this relates to the way we self-identify
• To explore supernatural and animal characters and how they can be used to shape the way we think about community and what it means to be human



Assessment Focus


Discuss the idea of character transformation and some of the transformations that occurred in chapter 6.



Have students choose at least one of the characters from chapter 6 that they can relate to and respond to the following questions:
a) What commonalities do you share with the character or characters? 
b) Why did you choose this character (or these characters)?
c) What are some of the cultural challenges that the characters must face?

Demonstrate an understanding of Aboriginal sovereignty issues, as expressed in Aboriginal literary works (Sovereignty–NBE3U)


Have students create a webpage for the characters they chose. Students may choose to include:
• quotes
• a logo or another visual representations of the character (their own work)
• other ways to celebrate their character

Produce media texts, including increasingly complex texts, for a variety of purposes and audiences, using appropriate forms, conventions, and techniques (Grade 11 English curriculum–media studies)


Display student work and have a gallery walk in which students explore and celebrate their classmates’ work.


Teacher Reflection

Teachers create their own webpage based on a character from one of the stories.