Chapter 4 Lesson 4

Learning Goals:
• To explore the oppression of Indigenous peoples
• To develop an understanding of decolonization



Assessment Focus


Review the word “oppression.” Discuss the words “colonization” and “decolonization.”

Observe students’ prior knowledge


Have students read: “Delivery.”
Discussion questions:
a) Why might the author identify the setting as “the rez”?
b) Ruth Ann does not have access to a doctor or medical care. What does this tell us readers about life on reserves?
c) How has colonization impacted Ruth Ann and life on “the rez”?
d) What strength and resourcefulness does Ruth Ann demonstrate?
Have students read “Rolling Head’s Grave Yard” and Louise Bernice Halfe’s notes at the end of the stories together. Discussion questions:
a) How might being left with more questions at the end of a story aid in the pursuit of knowledge?
b) As Halfe mentions, how might delving deeper into the Cree language assist in understanding Cree philosophy, psychology, and spirituality?

Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships depicted in fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction by Aboriginal writers (Relationships– NBE3U)
Demonstrate an understanding of the barriers facing Aboriginal peoples in education and employment, as presented in the works of Aboriginal writers (Challenges–NBE3U)
Analyze and assess information, ideas, issues, and language as they pertain to Aboriginal identity in a variety of informational writings and Aboriginal literary works (Identity– NBE3U)
Demonstrate an understanding of how the different forms and styles used in Aboriginal literary works reflect Aboriginal identity (Identity– NBE3U)


Students write a letter to a character in one of the stories in chapter 4. In their letters, students should discuss how the character has helped them in their pursuit of knowledge.

Select and use appropriate writing forms for intended purposes and audiences (Writing–NBE3U)
Use a variety of organizational structures and patterns to produce coherent and effective written work (Writing–NBE3U)


Students share their letters in a talking circle.


Teacher Reflection

Teacher writes a letter to a character about how they assisted in the pursuit of knowledge.