Lesson 2: Canada 1914-1929

Learning Goal: Understanding some key social, economic, and political events, trends, and developments between 1914 and 1929.




In small groups, have students select 3-5 writers from the Archive (from the period between 1914 and 1929) and discuss the questions below.


• Why might different individuals and communities in Canada view the same event, trend, or development in different ways?
• Why might we view it differently now?
• In what ways did government policy during this period create or contribute to divisions in Canadian society?
• Was this period a turning point for Black people in Canada?
• In what ways did the lives and struggles of Black people, groups, and communities help shape Canada during this period? What lasting impact did they have on Canada?


• Have students select three of the questions above and write a two paragraph response on their own.
• Students can explore the Ontario Archives YouTube Channel to discover footage of this time period and compare it to the people selected in the Archive. Here are some prompting questions: How are their lives similar/different?  What do you notice about this time period from the footage of the Ontario Archives?