Explore the Wilfrid Laurier University Press Educator’s Guides in an online format. The Educator’s Guides are designed for use in Ontario high schools; however, they also provide support for teachers at college and university levels. The Press acknowledges the support of the Canadian Books in Ontario Schools Fund, an initiative of Ontario Creates, in the production of each Educator’s Guide.

How to use this site

This site offers an alternative to the static format of our original PDFs (available here) and we encourage you to use the format that best suits your needs or to use both formats together. The site is divided by book title and each title's guide offers an introduction as well as pages for each lesson and a complete list of additional resources. The online format allows educators and students to easily access a specific section of each guide or to link to resource lists without sharing the complete PDF file.

These Guides cover topics as diverse as the books they accompany but they do share certain learning tools such as Teaching and Learning Circles, remote learning adaptability, and options for learning accommodations.