Chapter 4 Lesson 2

Learning Goals:
• To understand how language can be used to fight oppression



Assessment Focus


Ask students to describe how they learn and acquire knowledge.

Observe students’ understanding of the idea of knowledge


Have students go back and read the introduction to chapter 4 to develop additional context around Cree-centred stories and Cree storytelling. Also have students read the piece by Cardinal: “Excerpt from “Einew Kis-Kee-TumAwin (Indigenous People’s Knowledge).”

Analyze and assess information, ideas, issues, and language as they pertain to Aboriginal identity in a variety of informational writings and Aboriginal literary works (Identity– NBE3U)
Demonstrate an understanding of the language used in Aboriginal works in connection with sovereignty issues (Sovereignty–NBE3U)


Have students reflect on the following discussion questions:
Why is studying Cree language important?
How might you describe your own pursuit of knowledge after reading about Cardinal’s conversations with his Elder?

Assess the challenge of maintaining cultural identity that faces Aboriginal peoples, as represented in Aboriginal literature (Challenges–NBE3U)


Students reflect upon what knowledge they can receive from someone they consider an elder/mentor. Who are they and how are they an elder/mentor?


Teacher Reflection

Teacher shares their pursuit of knowledge.