Chapter 1 Lesson 2

Learning Goals:
• To establish the ethos for the class
• Deepen the class relationship




Teacher provides this quote for students to reflect on silently:
If you have hard truths to offer up to someone make sure the voice is soft, the language beautiful and that you protect the dignity of the other. When the storm clears, make sure you see all the sunshine.” —Lee Maracle (italics in original)


Students begin stream-of-consciousness writing for 10–15 minutes.


Teacher has a group discussion on what the quote means in relation to the class and classroom philosophy.
On chart paper, develop a set of agreements with regard to the discussions in the classroom so that students will have agency/ownership and become accountable for their behaviours and actions as the class progresses.


Remind students to bring in a childhood picture of themselves and read the story “Show Me Yours,” by Richard Van Camp:
Questions to think about while reading:
1. How did this story make you feel?
2. What did this story remind you of?
3. What was one part that stood out for you in this story?
4. Would you recommend this story to someone else? Why or why not?