Chapter 1 Lesson 3

Learning Goals:
• Deepening the class relationship
• Learn one new thing about a classmate




1. Have students sit in a circle and go over the classroom guidelines that were established yesterday.
2. Have a discussion about the short story “Show Me Yours,” which was assigned for homework the previous day. Possible discussion questions:
a) How did this story make you feel?
b) What did this story remind you of?
c) What was one part of the story that stood out for you?
d) Would you recommend this story to someone else? Why or why not?
3. Have students show their baby or childhood photos to the class and state their names again.
Students will then stick their photos on their chest and walk around and have a conversation with at least five other students in the classroom. Here are some guiding questions:
1. What is your name?
2. Why did you choose this course?
3. Why did you select this photo to share?
4. How old were you in the picture?
5. What was your favourite memory from this time?
6. What was a challenging moment during this time?
7. What was your childhood like?


Reconnect in a circle and share similarities and differences of childhood experiences.
Teacher should be able to connect students to terms such as reciprocity, kinship, story, and relationship.


These conversations will carry over into the next activity, which is the Where I’m From poems.