Learning Experience 7: Civil Liberties

Learning Goal: Developing an understanding of civil liberties in Canada.




Canadian Civil Liberties Association


• Workshop which is linked to the curriculum on law, civil liberties, human rights, and the Charter, using a wide variety of resources including real legal cases and stories from the morning news • Read chapter 2 in Human Rights in Canada: A History.
• Post the following quote: “Civil liberties – a concept historically associated with state abuse of rights – was slowly redefined during this period to include the principle of non-discrimination in the public and private spheres.” (Human Rights in Canada: A History, p. 50).
• Think about some of the issues that have led to anti-discrimination activism and policy as civil liberties in Canada. Choose one of the events (e.g., racist immigration policies against Japanese Canadians, African Canadian and Jewish Canadian groups, etc.) and imagine yourself as one of the activists. Write a one page reflection. Make sure to outline the 5 Ws (who, what, where, why, when).


• Think about your life today. What do you want to advocate for? Have students share in circle and encourage them to be concise and respond using only 1-3 words.
• What might be the next great human rights issue/debate for your generation? Discrimination/ equality was arguably the most prominent human rights issue in Canada in the late 20th century. What about the 21st century? Privacy (i.e. social media)? Obesity or genetics as discrimination? Right to vote for people under 18 years of age? Rights of transgendered people? Have students discuss this question in breakout groups of 3-4 students per group.
Consideration: Book the computer lab for next class.