Chapter 5 Lesson 4

Learning Goals:
• To understand how a story can differ across cultures
• To make two or three comparisons between the Sioux legends and the white man’s devil story



Assessment Focus


Read aloud the introduction of author Zitkala-Sa on page 227 Students will then read silently “The Devil” by Zitkala-Sa.

Demonstrate an understanding of relationships in Indigenous text (Relationships–NBE3U)


While reading they should consider the following questions:
a) What is fear?
b) What is the image of the white man’s devil? Are there contemporary images in the media you can think of that resemble this image?
c) Why would someone create this image?
d) What is the difference between the white man’s devil and the evil spirits spoken about in old warriors’ legends?

Demonstrate an understanding of relationships in Indigenous text (Relationships–NBE3U)
Prior knowledge


Interweave the answers to these questions into your own story:
a) What are you fearful of and why?
b) What are some things that you do to “erase” your fears?
c) How do you cope with challenges? Loss?

Ability to use the stories and learnings to create new writing (Writing– NBE3U)
Ability to revise drafts to strengthen content and improve organization by adding details, deleting irrelevant information, reordering ideas (Writing–NBE3U)




Teacher Reflection

Teacher can begin writing their own story.