Learning Experience 5

Learning goal: To understand the use of repetition and redaction in the text.




“Children begin by finding a tune on the fiddle, a tune that’s been there for generations, and then move on by finding that tune in their feet, finding the dance their ancestors placed there, and then pointing their feet in the direction they’re going” (Porter, 89).
1. Read the above quote out loud to the learners. Invite two or three learners to also read the quote out loud to the class.
2. Invite learners to then begin a stream of consciousness writing piece for 10 minutes based on the quote.
3. Invite a few learners to share what they have written with the class.


In preparation for this section, the teacher should review the term ancestor with learners. Some or all learners may already be familiar with a definition and understanding.
“There Were Things Going on We Knew Nothing About”
Consider the following questions:
1. Why do you think the author has chosen to repeat this statement throughout the text?
2. What is her purpose for the use of redaction in many of these sections? What is she trying to do? What is she trying to convey to the reader?
3. Can you think about and name three things you know about your ancestors? 


1. Write about the three things you know about your ancestors. How have you come to know them?
2. How have these three things supported you or hindered you on your life journey thus far?
3. Read pages 107–38 for homework.