Learning Experience 1: Introduction

Learning Goal: Setting the stage and creating a community for deep learning and reflection.




• In a circle ask: What is your name? What is your intention for this course?
• Icebreakers for the Classroom
• Take time to do a few icebreakers in order to create class community before delving into the course content


• Allow for conversation about why this course will be run in circle
Aboriginal Perspectives - A Guide to the Teacher’s Toolkit
• Set the stage for how the class will deal with controversial topics and differing opinions by looking at the link below
• How to Disagree
• Establish the norms/agreements for the classroom.
Please see example below:
• Circle of Trust Touchstones
Consideration: This class should be conducted in circle as much as possible. It will allow for open conversation as the topic of human rights can get intense and uncomfortable.


Reflect on human rights. What do they mean to you?