Learning Experience 4

Learning goal: To understand who the Métis are.




“The Métis diaspora, we are a braided river channel . . . . they wanted us to recede, to dry up, to go underground. People wanted the Métis to stop flowing. But we didn’t” (Porter, 45).
Consider the following questions:
1. What does this quote mean in relation to rivers?
2. Can you relate to the Métis people? How does this quote relate to your life and your experiences?
* This may be an opportunity to discuss who the Métis are.
Here are some resources to support this discussion:
Métis Nation of Canada
Métis National Council
Métis Nation of Alberta
Métis Nation of Ontario
Métis Nation - Government of Canada 


Invite learners to write about a time when they were faced with a challenge and consider the following questions:
1. Describe the challenge you have faced.
2. How old were you when you faced it?
3. How did you approach this challenge?
4. Were you successful in overcoming the challenge? What did success look like in this situation?
5. Would you change aspects of how you faced this challenge? Why or why not?


Read pages 71–106 for homework.