Learning Experience 4: Social Justice – I

Learning Goal: Thinking about social justice




• Icebreakers for the Classroom
• Social Justice: what does this term mean to you?
• What are 3 songs that you can think of that relate to or speak to social justice?


Divide students in groups of 2 or 3 and give them 5 terms in the glossary to define and give examples (see template in Appendix B: Note Taking Chart for Equity Definitions).
Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC): Glossary of Terms
Racial Equity, Glossary of Terms
• Each group will present their 5 terms to the class.


Post the following quotes:
“Social movements have been essential to the rights revolution.”
“Social movements must seek out the state to have their rights claims recognized.” (Human Rights in Canada: A History, p.13)
• What is the link between social justice and human rights? Are they the same thing? How are they different? What makes them different?
• Students can take one of the cases that have changed society and reflect on what it means for human rights and social justice in our society
Cases That Have Changed Our Society
Consideration: Book a free online or in person workshop with Canadian Civil Liberties Association.