Chapter 5 Lesson 2

Learning Goals:
• To understand the elements of a short story
• To define a story cycle



Assessment Focus


Have students think about some stories, movies, or shows they like and have them talk about why they like them:
a) What is interesting about this particular story, movie, show?
b) Who is the main character?
c) What was the best part?
d) How did it end?

Activating prior knowledge on the elements of a story


Review the elements of a short story, which would have been discussed in Grade 9/10 English (i.e., exposition, climax, rising action, falling action, resolution)
Students will use the story, movie, or show they selected earlier to identify the elements of a story

Classify and organize information and ideas to suit specific forms and purposes for writing (Writing–NBE3U)


Students will choose one of the stories from Chapter 5.
They will read their story choice independently.
Once they finish, they will complete a story arc for their story to share with the class in circle.

RLS: Ability to use different reading strategies (ENG3U)
RLS: Ability to apply the elements of a short story to what they are reading (ENG3U)
Ability to compare their own ideas, values, and perspectives with those expressed or implied in a text by an Indigenous writer (Relationships– NBE3U)


Students and teacher will discuss story cycles and speak about linkages between the stories in Chapter 5.

Demonstrate an understanding of relationships in Indigenous text (Relationships–NBE3U)

Teacher Reflection

What is your story? What were some pivotal moments in your life?